Local Moving Tips

Active Moving, Inc. is a professional local moving company. With over 20 years of moving experience, we have gathered some useful information in this little local moving guide to help make your local move smooth, less stressful, and budget-friendly.

– Be sure to pack as much stuff as possible prior to the moving day because miscellaneous stuff is what takes a lot of time to pack.

– If you are making a move in NYC, try to reserve an elevator upfront and reserve some parking space for the moving truck on both ends.

– Ask your building management if they require a Certificate of Insurance for the building.

– If your building doesn’t have a service elevator, try to pick a time when tenants have already left the building for their job.

– Mark your moving boxes on the sides so you can read your notes when movers bring your stuff in and tell them where to put it.

– Check the street requirements in terms of sanitation (cleaning).

– Let your local movers know about the conditions of the move (stairs, elevators, parking rules). This will allow them to offer you the proper number of men for the job and therefore make your move more efficient.

– If you’re targeting your local move towards the end of the month, be sure to book a moving company about 1 month in advance. This way, you will reserve a mover at a cheaper rate.

– Try to avoid rush hours as you will be spending your money for your moving crew standing in traffic.

Let your movers know upfront if you will require hoisting services or piano moving because such jobs require some more preparation. Please call us at 718-725-7486 to speak with our professional moving consultant or click here to receive your online moving quote. We will be happy to assist you with any questions about your local move in order to make it a positive experience. Good luck with your move!”